Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Self-described as an 'eclectic cocktail of messy grunge, indie-rock, and surf punk', this Sydney-based quartet borrows inspiration from the likes of Nirvana, Mac DeMarco, Dent May, and Hockey Dad to create their distinct Aussie sound. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist James Lomman, guitarist Sunny Josan, bassist Daniel Morillas, and drummer Slade Farlow, The Lenores formed in late 2018, releasing a handful of singles and an EP, Groan (2018), before the launch of their debut album, Child Support (2020), earlier this year.

Acclaimed for their energetic on-stage presence, The Lenores performed near to one hundred shows within their first eighteen months as a band, and are currently in the process of coordinating their very own music festival, Lennypalooza, featuring an incredible lineup of local talent alongside Soniq Sounds. Lomman recently sat with LISTEN LOUD to discuss the event, along with everything from the band's origin, to what else we can expect from The Lenores in the coming months. Watch the full interview here.

Find The Lenores on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify, and check out their website for upcoming shows, merch, and updates.

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