Established in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2003, and undergoing a number of member changes over the years, this independent, alt-rock quartet is here to prove that things really do get better over time, with their latest release, Settle Your Sins, self-described as being their greatest collection of songs to date. Featuring vocalist Kade Kastelitz, guitarists Ryan Baustert and Kris Weiser, and drummer Jeff Baustert, Throw the Fight have made a name for themselves in the rock scene, touring with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, and Black Veil Brides throughout North America, and surpassing 40 million Spotify streams – a massive feat for an independent band.

Following the release of their fourth album, Settle Your Sins, on August 7, I met with guitarist – and only remaining original member – Ryan Baustert to discuss the band's high hopes for an album tour through 2021, his thoughts on the changing industry landscape, and everything else we can expect from Throw the Fight over the coming months. Watch the full interview here.

Find Throw the Fight on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and stream Settle Your Sins on Spotify now.

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