Updated: Jul 25, 2021

“People have been yelling at us that hard rock is dead. We want to prove them wrong.” 

Following the release of three hit singles earlier this year – 'Power', 'Wolf' and 'Ringer' – theatrical rock trio Static Cycle is back with yet another game-changing release, 'Bread & Circus'. Accompanied by an acrobatic-filled lyric video, the track explores the masks we wear to conceal our true identities and motivations, with lead vocalist Jared Navarre sharing: "A Roman poet coined the phrase ‘bread and circuses’ to represent political powers using food and games to divert the people’s attention. Our version is an introspective look at how we give those around us a facade of reality to prevent them from truly knowing us."

Despite having since undergone a number of member changes, Static Cycle was first established between Navarre and former guitarist Josh Witham in 2005 shortly after the pair recognised the rare synergistic energy between themselves. Releasing their debut album, When We Meet Again, in June of 2008 with the addition of former drummer Dennis Smith, the band set expectations high with their distinctive and infectious sound inspired by the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, and Linkin Park. Combining edgy guitar licks, insistent rhythms, and vicious vocals to create a truly compelling sound, along with their commanding stage presence and a quiet determination that few young bands possess, Static Cycle were out to prove that they have what it takes to take over the rock scene.

Five years and two-hundred songs after leaving his hometown of Alaska to hone his craft in Nashville, Navarre debuted his new sound with the band's 2019 single 'Boxes', written in the early days following his breakup with a long-term girlfriend. “It was a busy time and life couldn’t slow down, so I was trying to compartmentalise the pain and sadness and put it into music,” he explained. “I eventually had to go through those boxes to ‘unpack’ the true feelings I was experiencing about what had occurred.” This new era for Static Cycle was also accompanied by an insane, genre-shattering live show described as being dramatically different to anything expected of a traditional live rock show; a hybrid between Cirque Du Soleil, live theatre, and hard rock. It’s an experience Navarre's been anxiously waiting to share, and one he and current members Andy Sheridan and Lester Estelle Jr. all think is needed for an element of rock music that’s become stagnant.

Following the October 1st release of 'Bread & Circus', I sat with Navarre himself to discuss the track's inspiration, their upcoming live show, and this groundbreaking new era of Static Cycle. Watch the full interview and music video for 'Bread & Circus' below!

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