Sydney punk-rock outfit Whatever, Forever have emerged from the depths of the last year with a reflective new single, 'I Need You More Than You Know', while evolving and solidifying their future as a rebranded three-piece.

'I Need You More Than You Know' says it all in the title. "It goes without saying that the year in which this song was written was a really difficult one, and it really highlighted what we take for granted in life," explains the band. "One of those special things are the friendships we form, and this song is a love letter to our closest friends."

Tracked, mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Recording Studios, the new single promises fresh beginnings after a difficult year and some changes within the combine. The floodgates have opened with Whatever, Forever who have set out to refine a certain change in sound, once again much closer to the heart – as far in they could reach – and with creative freedom to boot. 'I Need You More Than You Know' represents a clear vision, no doubts and a new sound to match somewhere they'd collectively hoped to be.

"If the listener could take something away from this song, we’d hope that it is a reminder that these relationships are beautiful, but temporary – as all things are – and not to be wasted."

Whatever, Forever, the Blue Mountains-based punk-rock trio, currently consists of vocalist Nick Adams, guitarist Chas Levi and bassist Jack Rudder. What started just after high school as an outlet for inspiration of early melodic hardcore legends, quickly became an organic entity with a yield of chorus, fuzz-filled walls of guitar, groove behind the drums and words that are desperate to be sung, to say the least.

After releasing the two-track single 'Bridges/Whispers' in 2018, crowd and listener reactions started to resonate with a fine tuning of the previous sound, this time more authentic to the band's heavier roots. Adams and Levi, two of five members of metal band Justice For The Damned, travelled tight with full time photographer, Rudder. This worked in Whatever, Forever's favour after the release of 'Bury Me' in August 2019 as, once again, a wide net was cast in the subconscious of the band's musical ideals, reaching new listeners and directing new eyes on the group.

This set the band off on a voyage of the road playing shows across Australia, headlining or in support of bands Turnstile, Turnover, Casey, Movements, Hundredth, Tapestry, Born Free, Hellions, Sleep Talk and more. To reinforce the churning of tours and shows, the band opted to get straight back into the studio with good friend Segelov and put together more of the feeling they struck with 'Bury Me', resulting in their latest EP, Where I Am & Where I Want To Be in January 2020.

'I Need You More Than You Know' is out today everywhere, released with the promise of more to come. Stream it now below.

Find Whatever, Forever on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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