Updated: Sep 3, 2021

After more than two years since the drop of their debut album, Science of Fiction, alt-rockers Mass Sky Raid are back with their hot new single, 'Not Alone'. Featuring vocalist Adam Lomas and guitarist Alex Kewley, along with new members Joshua Whitney (bass) and Nic Ross (drums), this up-and-coming four-piece established on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 2011, inspired by the likes of Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool, and Thirty Seconds to Mars. After finding considerable success with their debut EP, Courage Under Fire (2013), and touring with a number of high profile Australian acts following, Mass Sky Raid's latest drop has been very highly anticipated, and rightfully so.

Describing the new track, Lomas explains: "The song explores the struggle one has when reaching for your dreams, and the uncertainty that it creates when you step outside your own place of comfort to create a more meaningful life. It looks at the battle to find strength to take that unfamiliar and uncertain path which can lead to an ultimately more fulfilling existence." With the current state of the world causing mass uncertainty, this drop comes at a perfect time, aiming to empower listeners to embrace the challenges of life and overcome their fears of the unknown.

While it hopefully won't be long before Mass Sky Raid's next release, you can check out their latest single, 'Not Alone', here now.

Find Mass Sky Raid on Facebook and Twitter, and head to their website here for merch and tour updates.

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