Tyler Posey has just unveiled a new music video for his emotionally-gripping recent hit single 'Past Life', available to view here.

Directed and edited by the artist himself, the visual demonstrates the brighter side of Posey's life. “I’m just thinking of more ways people can have fun with what I put out and drown out the bullshit of everything else. This video is just supposed to make you smile,” shares Posey on today’s release. “I’m really gonna try to keep that theme going.”

'Past Life' originally premiered on The Kevan Kenney Show on KROQ and Audacy last month, inviting fans into a very dark and tumultuous chapter of Posey's life while hoping to inspire others to find their way out of dark times.

“Past life is an important one for me. Maybe the most important on this very important upcoming EP. It’s about the life that sobriety has brought me and the life I had before sobriety,” Posey shares on 'Past Life'. “I air out how I ended up a drug addict and alcoholic, and what inspired me to make a change and become the best me I deserved to be. I air all that out in the bridge. The bridge came to me like word vomit and every line is emotional and vividly tells my story in a fucking dope creative way. It’s also my girlfriend’s favourite song on the EP. I hope you enjoy.”

'Past Life' joins previously released singles 'Shut Up' featuring Travis Barker and Phem and 'Happy', both of which were co-written by John Feldmann and Phem, and are pulled from his forthcoming EP, due out later this year.

Standing alone in the spotlight for the first time has been freeing in more ways than one, particularly when it comes to his courage to open up about the hell that was 2020. The early days of the COVID pandemic were particularly pronounced for Posey, exacerbating deep-rooted anxiety, depression and childhood trauma that manifested in a self-destructive pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. Left to his own devices while quarantine orders ruled Los Angeles, life inside Posey’s home became a dangerous cycle of isolation and intoxication.

This new chapter of Posey’s career sets off a powder keg of personal reflection and growth, grounded by his elastic voice, juxtaposing a devil-may-care growl and smooth-throated pop-punk sheen. “I just feel proud,” he says, reflecting on the path that led him here. “I’m proud of the music we wrote, but also how far I’ve come. I went to a pretty dark place, but I got out of it. I can honestly say right now is the happiest, most present I’ve ever been.”

Fans will get a chance to hear these new songs this September on the Internet Killed the Rockstar Tour, headlined by MOD SUN with support from girlfriends. Many dates have already sold out for this stacked tour of Big Noise artists, while others have been moved to larger venues. Check out the full list of tour dates and ticket availability here.

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