Following the warmly-received release of ‘Homebound’ in September, Sydney-based pop-punk quintet Afterthought have just revealed their vibrant new single, ‘Summerset Stunner’.

‘Summerset Stunner’ is the second single taken from the band’s upcoming five-track self-titled sophomore EP, due for release on Friday, October 22nd.

Beginning with multicoloured guitar chords and poignant vocals from frontman Mackenzie Day, clinically tight drums and bass ascertain the song’s upbeat tempo before advancing swiftly into a radiant chorus permeated with buoyant melodies and rich polyphony. Dynamics soar and spiral throughout the song, parallel to the emotive lyrics and intricacies that delineate Afterthought’s rousing persona.

“It's about wanting to tell someone that you love them, but never finding the right time and fearing that you may never find that time,” the band comments.

Since their inception in 2018, Afterthought have steadily built a loyal fanbase from multiple appearances at all-ages events and emo party nights, sharing the stage with the likes of Yours Truly, Closure, A Swift Farewell and Headstrong.

Find Afterthought on Facebook and Instagram.

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