In the lead up to their highly anticipated debut album Between Me and the Machine, metalcore trio Resolve have shared a brand new single and music video titled 'Surrender' ahead of the record's November 26th release.

"'Surrender' is an emotional one," begins vocalist Anthony Diliberto. "It’s a song that can speak to every musician with self-confidence issues. It tackles this feeling of sometimes wanting to quit, but also looking back and realising how much you’ve actually accomplished, and how senseless it would be to throw it all away. You never know what may happen tomorrow, and there’s already so much time and effort that has been put into Resolve that we just cannot imagine giving it up any time soon. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this feeling."

He continues, "This track is probably the most vocal-driven out of the album, so rather than shooting our usual music video, we decided to change it up and do a live vocal performance of Anthony singing from the top of a mountain. We’re really happy with the result; it really showcases his incredible vocal abilities as well as the beautiful Alps that we’re lucky enough to live close by."

Beginning in 2016 after their previous projects parted ways and their intentions set on Revolve being a long-term project, vocalist Anthony Diliberto, bassist Robin Mariat and drummer Nathan Mariat have spent the last five years tinkering with the formula that feels most suited to them. Making their first mark in 2017 with their debut EP, Rêverie, followed with standalone single ‘Carmela’ in 2018, it wasn’t until 2019 that they felt truly at home in their sound.

This comfort was in the form of ‘Pendulum’ (2019), a collection of three songs that not only represented the beautifully bludgeoning and densely expansive sound that was resting in the back of their heads, but that also found them appearing on Spotify’s New Core, New Metal Tracks and Kickass Metal playlists. Now, the boys are gearing up for the release of their highly-anticipated debut album, Between Me and the Machine, on November 26th via Arising Empire. Already, fans have been treated to the early release of singles 'Seasick Sailor', 'Beautiful Hell' and 'Emerald Skies', with 'Surrender' now added to the list. Between Me and the Machine can be pre-ordered here.

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