Inspired by the likes of Foo Fighters, The Killers, U2, and Nirvana, alt-rock trio Indio Point are back with their biggest single yet – 'The Border', dropping October 30. Featuring vocalist and guitarist Sam Morrell, bassist J.J. Tempas, and drummer Josh Mason, this Sydney-based group formed in late 2017, blending a variety of hard, classic, and pop rock to create their unique and distinct sound. After kicking off the new year with their single 'Tapestry', followed by a cover of Coldplay's 'The Scientist', Indigo Point's highly-anticipated third release of 2020 is well-worth the wait.

Encapsulated in a modern rock anthem, 'The Border' is a story of perseverance and the transformation of one's wildest ideas into the most insane realities. "It's about a frustrating feeling of unfulfilment. You're striving really hard and you're just not getting anywhere. That's essentially it," Morrell shares on the track, with producer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) claiming "the guitars and drums are recorded way too hot".

Just in time for the drop of their newest release, I caught up with the band to chat about the single, the making of their accompanying music video, and all the new music we can expect in the coming months. Watch the full interview here.

Find Indigo Point on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image: Steve Neophoto, 2020.

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