Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Following the drop of their latest single, 'Curse or Cure', in late September, alternative duo Icon For Hire are finally set to release their latest album, Amorphous, in early 2021. Featuring vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump, Icon For Hire formed in Decatur, Illinois in 2007, incorporating elements of rock, pop, electronica, and punk to create their distinct, genre-bending sound. Currently sitting at over half a million monthly Spotify listeners, with almost 700,000 social media followers, it's safe to say Icon For Hire are the sleeping giants of the modern rock scene.

After parting ways with their record label, Tooth & Nail, in 2015, Icon For Hire have relied on the support of fans to fund their projects via two successful Kickstarter campaigns, their most recent of which having amassed an incredible $263,082 USD ($362,471 AUD) in just thirty-seven days – an impressive feat for anyone, let alone an independent rock band. Now, thanks to these funds, Icon For Hire are able to share this new era with the world, with their Amorphous album – self-dubbed the greatest album of their lives – dropping early 2021, following the upcoming release of a handful of new singles.

"'Amorphous' describes that feeling of finding growth in the midst of incredible discomfort, of embracing the process even when it stings. That seems to sum up how we’ve been feeling as of late. These songs have been lovingly recorded throughout our quarantine, and we’ve laboured over every lyric, every note, trying to perfectly capture the essence of what we want to share with you. The high energy rock tracks, the soaring anthems, the emotional ballads – it’s all here."

Already out, however, is the band's first hit single off the album, 'Curse or Cure', a rallying anthem drawing inspiration from the likes of Bring Me the Horizon and Linkin Park. Speaking on the track lyrically, Bloomer shares: "Society often tells people with mental health issues that we are the problem, but then also expects us to be able to fix ourselves. If I am what's broken, how can I also possibly solve myself from the inside?" It’s this ability to mix a striking sound with an equally impactful lyrical message that has seen Icon For Hire build up an expansive and dedicated fan base, and we have no doubt the rest of Amorphous will deliver nothing less.

Following the closure of the Amorphous Kickstarter campaign and a six-hour YouTube livestream, I sat with Bloomer herself to discuss this new era of Icon For Hire, her favourite reward of the campaign, and hopes for a return to the land down under. Watch the full interview here.

Find Icon For Hire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and stream their first Amorphous release, 'Curse or Cure', here.

Image: Janne Puronen, 2020

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