Following on from their latest release, 'Fake Love', earlier this year, pop-punk duo 3REE (Three) are set to drop their upcoming track, 'Holding On', on October 7. Featuring vocalist/guitarist Mitch Volcan and drummer Sean Tighe, the pair met via Instagram in 2019 before hitting it off and establishing 3REE in Sydney, Australia just days later. Within two weeks of forming the band, the duo had written the entirety of their debut, self-titled album, dropping their leading single, 'Out of My Mind', in March, and capturing the attention of Wayne Ringrow of Sony Australia who instantly got 3REE into the studio to produce the remainder of their LP.

Influenced by the likes of rock icons Blink-182 and Green Day, as well as more modern, genre-explorative artists like Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly, this high-energy two-piece has proven time and time again that they're so much more than just another punk band, backed by two UK tours and numerous sold-out shows in their first year alone. With a sound sure to appeal to fans of My Chemical Romance and The Used, this is one duo you'll want to keep on repeat.

In the lead up to their newest single, 'Holding On', I caught up with Mitch and Sean to discuss the track, the spontaneous formation of 3REE, and everything more we can expect from the two over the coming months. Watch the full interview here.

Find 3REE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and stream 'Holding On' from October 7.

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