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Anatomy of a Weed-Removal System This research indicates that the best water-dwelling weed-removal method is the nutrient-tolerant roundworm Ascaris suum, which can be reared on a diet of human feces. It is also an indicator of human fecal pollution. The tropical roundworm can degrade, or break down, the human manure so that nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfate can be recycled back into the ecosystem. The roundworm also digests the fecal matter into a carbonaceous sludge that is rich in nitrogen. This increases the ammonia content, which is required to grow roundworms. Most other plants use nitrogen from the air, so they are not very good at harvesting it from the soil. In short, human feces are converted into animal feed by a single, magic, roundworm. This is the first report of a foraging, herbivorous, worm that can eat feces of animals, including humans. Humans, especially urban dwellers, use large amounts of nitrogen-rich fertilizer, which is converted into ammonia, in the process of growing their garden plants. But these plants are unable to use much of the ammonia that is created, so they must be made up by absorbing nitrogen from the air. Without the urban plants, the soil would have a low nitrogen level, leading to low production of crops and a reduction in the urban environment. The ability of the roundworm to digest human feces is at the same time a great contribution to human health. An adult roundworm may ingest more than 100 times its own weight in a single day. This massive ingestion of feces is an obvious benefit to human health, since excessive fecal matter can cause gastrointestinal problems. The process of digestion releases both nutrients, including nitrogen, into the soil, which is then converted into plant-available nitrogen. Over the next few years, the authors will test the sensitivity of Ascaris to different nitrogen levels in the soil. From their results, they will be able to determine the threshold for maximizing reproduction, after which point it is no longer safe to eat human feces. Of course, these studies require a lot of money, so it will be a few years before the research is finished. It is very unlikely that the roundworm will be used in the near future. But the knowledge learned from this research will be used to improve the efficiency of other methods of treating human waste. Because only the Ascaris roundworm can degrade human waste in urban areas, it may be used in the future for land




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ANWB Examentraining Rijbewijs B CD 2013 Download
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